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Photo Essay: Mexico 1

Photo Essay: Mexico 1

Our first two weeks in Mexico and we are in love with the country! The people are kind, generous, and helpful. The landscape is ever changing. The roads are an adventure wether paved or dirt. The nature preserves and opportunities to access wilderness are more than we expected. And for the most part, we feel safe. 

Dirt roads in Texas prior to crossing the border. The van looks so shiny- not for long!

Dirt roads in Texas prior to crossing the border. The van looks so shiny- not for long!


Our first night: Protrero Chico, Monterrey, Mexico. This is a rock climbing mecca (note the background) and has a super chill vibe. We arrived here on a Friday and had the place to ourselves. The pool was real treat in 40 degrees Celsius, but by Saturday morning the place was packed with other campers, mostly families and young people, and we got so parked in (like layers upon layers of cars between us and the exit). We had no choice but to hunker in and enjoy the Mexican weekend experience- it was a blast! 


Another view of the campground at Protrero Chico. This campground provided a cool vibe and great views of the climbing. 


Looking for cooler weather, we left Protrero Chico and headed for the hills. These mountains gave us blessed relief from the heat, and stunning surroundings. Since we were here mid-week there was no else around. It was heaven! 


As we started to wind through the highlands of the eastern mountains we came to a State Park just outside of the sweet town of General Zaragoza (state of Nuevo Leon). Again, because we visited mid week, we had the run of the place and we’re able to park right beside one of the clear, spring-fed pools. We did some hiking around to see the myriad of waterfalls that fill the park. We also enjoyed the sleepy town of General Zaragoza. Not a tourist attraction by any means, but a nice little town to spend some time. 


Parque El Salto near General Zaragoza, Nuevo León, Mexico. 


Parque El Salto, Nuevo León, Mexico.  


I wish all signs in life were this clear! 


Every (or nearly every) town in México has a colorful sign like this. This town is a “Pueblo Magico”- a distinction given to certain towns in Mexico which display historic, architectural, or cultural significance. Those we stumbled upon are quite lovely, and if I were to offer any touristy advice it would be to find a list of them and visit those you can. 


Ice cream. It’s everywhere in Mexico and such a treat. One of the reasons we workout while traveling!  


Local markets are my favorite for shopping. The couple times I have ventured into large stores have left me longing for the local market. Since we only shop the outside perimeter of a store anyway, all we need we can usually find in a little stall like this. The produce is better, eggs are fresher, and the experience more memorable. And it’s cheaper. 


Once we entered San Luis Potosí state things started to feel a little like “another day, another waterfall”...but who’s complaining?!? We arrived at this campsite which is on private land near the town of Tamosopo. There are waterfalls and swimming holes everywhere here- take your pick. 


Cascadas de Minas Viejas. A stunning place. We were able to camp in the parking lot at the end of a road with a hiking trail down to these falls. This place was truly spectacular with cascades and swimming holes. There were a few people here during the day, but the real treat in being able to sleep at the trailhead was having solitude in the mornings before opening time. 


So much cool, clear water. To this point we still had not seen another gringo. Mexico is clearly not on the beaten path for tourists- and while we have enjoyed that, it’s a shame more people don’t visit.  


Cascada El Salto (another one of the same name) was not flowing real fast so we didn’t swim here, but no doubt these pools are glorious when the water is moving.  


Cañon Paraiso, Querétaro, Mexico.

Finally a region that felt arid. Even thought the drive to this canyon was up a flowing river bed for about 1 km. As per usual down here, the river was spring fed and surprisingly warm when I dipped my feet in. This was our final night in a remote area prior to reaching the small city of Guanajuato.  

From here we headed to Guanajuato where we spent two weeks taking Spanish language classes and getting a taste of daily life in the city!  

Pico de Orizaba

Pico de Orizaba

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